About Us


Delivering quality service with a smile

Clean & Garden Ltd is a business set up out of the passion for Gardening & cleaning services, here we don't just treat customers are numbers but as real people with unique needs. Unlike most cleaning & gardening businesses which are started out of the desire to be self employed, the main promoter Boma Ikwen just loves it when he leaves a customer premise seeing them having a big smile on their faces. It is truly fulfilling and internally satisfying, that passion drives us to find and create new and innovative ways of doing our job. As a company, we are just a couple of months old (June 2018) but the promoter has been in the industry for over 2 years mostly operating as a self-employed.

We try to put ourselves in the position of the customers. From years of experience, we have identified what the customers care about most. These can be summed up in the following words:

  • The customer want to work with cleaners who know their job
  • Cleaners who enjoy their job and are proud of what they do putting smile on peoples faces by the quality of work they deliver
  • The customer want to be sure they can take a gamble on you by giving you access to their homes or company premises
  • The customer want to be reassured that the cleaner is not careless in the handling of precious items such as arts work
  • The customer want to be sure that you are fair with your charges and you are not out to take advantage of them
  • The customer want a cleaner that is confident enough to offer guarantee on their services

We have listened and taken all these points into account. This guide our interaction with our customer, define our approach towards recruitment and training of our cleaners. It's exciting when you can win a customer’s business and trust, everyday has been a new experience and adventure. Our customers are a real source of motivation, we are currently developing some innovative technologies that we would be introducing to make the customer experience even more enriching in the coming months. We are always happy to hear the phones ring because every call is a potential new customer or repeat customer.

We know that we are in a competitive industry but most our businesses are coming from customers who have become unsatisfied with their current cleaning service providers and referrals. If we satisfy you, please spread the word for us; just for your information, 8 in 10 of all our customers always come back to order further services from us.

You are also welcome onboard.

From your trusted cleaning partner.