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Landscaping is a great way to utilize your outdoor space; there are so many reasons that can influence one's design choices. Here are a few of those reasons:

The amount of space available

What do you intend to achieve with the project

The budget you have

How much regular maintenance are you willing to accommodate

Are you solving a problem

What your preference, soft or hard landscaping or a combination of both

We are landscaping expert, we can help you bring your ideas to life. We don't claim to know it all as your input as the customer is invaluable. We offer a comprehensive landscaping service tied to very strict guarantee based on quality and timescale, ranging from clearance, full site preparation, patio installation, driveway installation, fencing, supply and laying of turf. We have within our team a highly competent and experience architect who handles the designing aspect of the job. You maybe right to call us a one stop shop for landscaping and gardening services because that is what you will get with Clean and Garden Ltd.

To make it easier for our customers, we offer a free site assessment for our customers, to get a quick quote send us your details through our contact form. We respond to 90% of our request within an hour.

We have good and reliable partnership with trusted manufacturers of hard landscaping materials and we provide premium quality lawn turf for all our turfing jobs.

Fence Installation

Fence Installation

Clean & Garden offer a variety of fencing solution to meet both the customer's security and aesthetics needs. Our fencing portfolio include: Close board panel, slatted, Feather Edge, Trellis, Picket and decorative panels fence solution. Depending on budget and customer preference, we use concrete or wooden post.

From our experience a lot of customers who approach us for fencing a lot of the times they also requested gated solution; recently more customers are beginning to ask for automated gated solution plus surveillance package. As a result we have worked a partnership with a professional automated gate and surveillance solution provider to enable us deliver a complete end to end solution for the customer.

We have a very creative team of fence installers however, you don't have to break the bank to afford our services. Our customers can be rest assured that all the materials, we used are carefully sourced from UK manufacturers who maintain the highest quality standard.

Finally, remember Clean & Garden Ltd offers 1 year guarantee for all her fence installation work; we provide total guarantee up to six months from the time of job completion.

Our typical labour cost for installing a panel start from £68.

Turfing & Edging

One of the most common aspect of soft landscaping is laying of turf. The question is why turfing and not turf seeding? Lawn laying from turf saves time produces better result and its particularly better in situation where you have kids and pets who are always eager to get back on the lawn and playing.

Laying a good lawn

To produce a good result the process has to be painstaking and meticulous. If there is an existing lawn, the 1st process is to off the existing lawn, the next step is to level the ground, add new top-screen soil to replace the soil taken off and also to ensure the soil beneath the turf is completely free of any weed or weed seed. If there are no existing edging on the garden then it is recommended to have the garden edged preferably with driveway blocks. The reason why edging is recommended is because it makes it easier for the lawn to be maintained by way of mowing. After that the soil is leveled again then compacted to make the soil firm up. Once the compacting is completed the next step is to lay the turf but it is always good practice to allow the soil to firm up for up to 7 days before laying the turf. Once the previous steps have been followed carefully the turfing becomes a lot easier to lay.

The 1st 2 weeks after the turfing is very important for the healthy growth of the lawn, the lawn must be properly watered, its a must except if there rainfall, you must thrive to water the lawn twice a day.

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Patio Installation

We will breath new life into your garden with our range of patio solutions, we design and install patios, we enjoy the challenge and excitement of delivering a new project. No 2 customers are the same, so also no 2 projects are the same which means as a landscaper, you must be innovative and creative. We are glad you have found us because we are the right team to bring your innovative ideas to reality.

Patio Installation using driveway blocks We design and implement all sorts of patio using materials such as  Composite, slabs, wood and driveway blocks depending on your design preference and budget.We have an impeccable record as far as patio installation is concerned; don't forget, we give guarantee for all our services

Though we don't compromise on quality, our charges are quite affordable, we deliver excellent value for money spent.